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PHRFNE Shorthanded Racing Zoom Presentation   Recently updated !

PHRF New England Sailors! SAVE THE DATE – JANUARY 27 @ 1830 As part of the launch of our new PHRFNE Shorthanded Rating Certificates, PHRFNE and North Sails are excited to host a Zoom-Fest on Shorthanded Racing on Wednesday, January 27th at 1830. In keeping with the theme, the presentation will be a Double-Handed feature […]

2021 PHRF NE Handicap Certificates

Again this year PSA will be utilizing Regatta Network for registrations and scoring for PHRF Tuesday night racing.  Stay tuned to this website for more information to follow on when the site is available for registration for the 2021 sailing season. With this change, applying for PHRF Handicap Certificate is a separate process from registering for PSA […]