Commodore Rick Bombard on May 19th, 2020 Regarding PSA Racing Season

PSA 2020 Update and Urgent/Time Sensitive Call to Action

 This is a call to action to all members.  Many members, both skippers and crew, have not signed up for the 2020 season because they are in a “wait and see” mode.  Well the board voted  – There will be a 2020 season, a Commodores Cup and we are working on a Gosport Regatta!  More information will be forthcoming.  We understand that several skippers are still working to determine launch dates, how to handle Covid 19 safety regulations, etc.  However, we request all skippers take one of two actions and then help spread the word-  We need this completed by this Saturday 5/23-  early registration discounts will be extended through 5/23 to accommodate
  1. Register your boat for the 2020 season now- drop what you were doing and get it done
  2. Reach out to your respective fleet captain and share plans to race or not- have a discussion about options and express your thoughts, ideas, and or concerns


Fleet Captain contact info:

J24s- Andy Keturakis

 PHRF Cruising- Amy Loader

PHRF Racing – Barry Larson and Sean Mc Kenna –

Lasers- Peter Follansbee and Ken Jennings (helping Peter)


Again, if you are able to do so, regardless of your decision to race, please consider registering and paying dues for 2020.  PSA, like many organizations, currently does not have the sponsorship it had in years past.  Your dues and fees are critical to maintaining the solvency of the club for future years.  As the season progresses, we have plans to re-engage sponsors but for now we must be fiscally responsible with our current reserves.  Below is a list of fixed costs we must cover regardless of the level of 2020 membership.  We then must layer on the variable costs associated with nightly racing.

  • Club Insurance policy
  • Website hosting
  • Loan payments on Brand new 225hp Honda Outboard for Chumley
  • Chumley mooring and yearly maintenance
  • Jennie Marie new outboard lower unit (A huge thank you to those Laser Sailors who provided the upfront funds to cover the work needed now. A delayed repayment plan is also in place we will repay as soon as the Chumley outboard is paid off).

Again, for those members who have delayed registering because the prospects of a 2020 season were unclear it’s now time to act.

Here are some of the basics:

  1. Racing will start on June 16th and 18th for PHRF and J24s respectively
  2. The first two nights will be scored but not count towards the season-
    1. We received feedback there is less appeal to practice racing (concept presented in my last communication) – skippers want scoring
    2. Races will be committee boat officiated and boats placed for each race.
    3. However, to ensure we give enough time for boats get in the water the series will not begin until the week of June 30th.
  3.  PSA is working to design the best and most competitive courses possible
    1. Use of government markers
    2. Use of a second committee boat (donated by members) to enable true up/down wind racing (Thank you to Andy for suggesting this idea and possibly donating use of your Whaler)
  4.  Covid 19 safety rules and guideline will be added to the SIs- We are using examples already successfully implemented in other sailing clubs around the country.
  5. J24s- Andy communicated some great ideas the Newport Fleet implemented-  smaller crews and reduced sail plans-  work together with Andy to determine what is right for your fleet
  1. Lasers- Connect with Peter and Ken to confirm.
    1. GBYC Laser Spring Race is still on for June 7th
    2. Work with your fleet and captains to determine what works for your fleet

Social distancing –  as mentioned above, PSA will provide rules/guidance for social distancing.  However, we understand there are those who will choose to follow the strictest social distancing guidelines for a number of reasons.  For these Sailors perhaps Laser sailing will be good alternative this year.  Ken Jennings pointed out “Laser Racing is a great way to sail while “social distancing”, and a great way to improve your big boat sail handling, tactics and starts.

Hopefully, this communication provides members with the information they need to register and get excited for the 2020 season.  Several skippers have already asked for more nights of racing.  I am open to adding more racing if we get the necessary levels of registration, but we need your support.  For now we feel this is the best plan based on the current available information.

Thank you all for your continued support of PSA.  We look forward to seeing you all out on the water this season –  albeit at a distance

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Rick and the PSA Board of Directors