Army Corp Engineers on Seacoast Reliability Project

As Donna Heald mentioned at the PSA Kick Off party, the following is the link to Seacoast Online’s article regarding “Army Corps: Seacoast Reliability Project impact on waters significant”:

The deadline for writing to the Army Corps of Engineers has been extended to May 23rd.  Kevin McCoole sent out an e-mail blast to PSA members earlier this week with letters individuals have written to the Army Corp regarding this project.

Please read the Seacoast Online article as well as the letters Kevin forwarded.  Then write to the Army Corps of Engineers in favor or re-opening hearings on Eversource’s proposal for Seacoast Reliability project and its effect on Great Bay Estuary.


Here are the important items that should be included in your email.

1) Direct your email to:

Lindsey Lefebvre

Project Manager at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

New England District

via email to:

2) Explain who you are, i.e, your address, how many years you have lived in Durham or the seacoast, your background if it is relevant.

3)  Explain your concerns.  See the description below of the work that is planned. You don’t have to understand the entire project or the potential implications in order to be concerned. It would be best to use your own words.  But, some of the general themes could be:

– I have serious concerns that the jet plowing plan will have a negative impact on Great   Bay.

– I don’t understand what the impacts to Great Bay will be

– I believe that other less harmful options for this project have not been fully explored.

4)  Ask for a public hearing.  This needs to be a critical piece of your letter. Request that the Army Corps of Engineers hold a public hearing that will include a review of the research being used for this permit decision and an explanation of the expected impacts to Great Bay.

5)  Close with your full name, address, and phone number.