2020 PHRF NE Handicap Certificates

This year PSA will be utilizing Regatta Network for registrations and scoring for PHRF Tuesday and J24 Thursday nights racing.  Stay tuned to this website for more information to follow on when the site is available for registration for the 2020 sailing season.

With this change, applying for PHRF Handicap Certificate is a separate process from registering for PSA racing series.  Skippers who need a valid PHRF Certificate can go to PHRF NE website and complete their application.  PHRF NE application link   The cost for the handicap certificate will be included with the PSA registration fee, just as it has been in the past.  PHRF NE will continue to bill PSA for the handicap certificates issued.  PHRF NE is processing handicap certificates at this time if skippers would like to take advantage of completing this process now.

Any questions regarding handicapping can be directed to PSA Handicapper, Dan Rigterink, at dan.rigterink@gmail.com