2016 PSA Leadership Team positions

We would like to thank our current Board and leadership team for running PSA this year. Some of these positions, according to our by-laws, are only supposed to held for 2 years, so many of the current board, who have been on there for the last 3 years, would like to retire and hand off […]

Whaleback Regatta August 1   Recently updated !

Brought to you by SeascapeUSA. Event infomation atĀ www.regattanetwork.com/event/10041.

Star Island Grill

So there we were out in Gosport Harbor and noticed a tent out at the land side of the pier. They are selling hamburgers, hot dogs and lobster rolls. They will be open on good weather weekend days. Take a ride into Star Island on their new launch.

Webmaster Intern wanted

Webmaster Intern wanted: We are looking for someone to intern as a webmaster for the PSA website. The current webmasters are retiring at the end of this year and we will need replacement(s). Contact: webmaster@sailpsa.org if you might beĀ interested. The website is done with WordPress.