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Registration for 2021 PSA season is now open.  Early Registration discount extends to May 01, 2021.

PSA Board made the decision to utilize Regatta Network for our registrations. Unlike the process with Regattaman, when skippers register their boats you will no longer be directed to PHRF NE to apply for handicap certificate.  Any skippers who desire a handicap certificate will do so by completing the application on the PHRF NE website or click on the button at the bottom of this Join page.   Once skippers have been issued a PHRF NE Handicap Certificate, please upload this to your Regatta Network registration.  The cost for PHRF NE Handicap Certificate is included in skippers registration fee.

NOTE: For a PHRF boat to be scored, we need a valid 2021 PHRF Certificate on file at PHRFNE at the time of the race. The scoring is not retro-active. Please allow at least 7 days for processing your certificate before it gets into the scoring system. If it is not in the scoring system, repeat: you won’t be scored.

2021 membership options are:

Lasers: The Lasers have the lowest fee for registering a boat, $135. $10 discount for early registration.

One Time Discount for Laser sailors joining PSA for the first time: First year discount of $50 will be applied for Laser skippers joining PSA for the first time!

J24 and PHRF Boats: The fee for a J24 or a PHRF boat is $375 and it includes the cost of a PHRF Certificate. $25 discount for early registration. If you are a new Skipper to PSA, you are eligible for a discounted rate for the first year.

One Time Discount for New PHRF/J24 Skippers joining PSA for the first time: PSA continues to offer a discount to skippers joining PSA for the first time. The discounted first year fee is $250 plus an additional $25 discount for early registration!

Crew: All crew are requested to help support PSA. If you plan on racing 2 or more nights, please sign up!  The fees the skippers pay do not fully cover the expenses for racing. The crew fee is low, $50 a year, less than dinner for two in downtown Portsmouth. $5 discount for US Sailing members. Crew: Make sure you note the boat or boats (J24 and PHRF) you race on.

What do the fees cover?: The fees cover race committee, maintenance of two committee boats, fuel, insurance, marks, anchors and lines for marks, awards, etc, etc and paying our professional PRO Tom Brown to run the races for us.

Crew – Please support PSA.

Skippers, we are counting on you to make sure ALL of your crew pay! Thanks in advance!

US Sailing discount: If you are a US Sailing member, you get a $5 discount.