Piscataqua Sailing Association started back in the late 1970s by 5 local yacht clubs: Kittery Point Yacht Club, Portsmouth Yacht Club, Pepperrell Cove Yacht Club, Fishing Island Yacht Club and Little Harbor Yacht Club.

At that time the race committee duties were shared by all the boats. Each boat took a turns during the season to setup the courses and run the Tuesday night races. Later on Ladies night was added on Thursday nights where only women where allowed run the boat.

Around 2006, because of a growing one design J24 fleet, Thursday nights became the night for J24 racing, which allowed this fleet to get more racing in. Also around this time PSA switched from each boat having to take turns running races to using a dedicated Race Officer for both the Tuesday and Thursday night fleets so the racers could have more consistent courses.

PSA has hosted the PHRF New Englands in 1984 and J24 Fleet 139 has hosted the J24 Divisionals twice, the most recent was in 2013.